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2/02/2024 10:27 pm  #1

​How you play Texas Hold’em Bonus

How you play Texas Hold’em Bonus. The dealer uses a standard deck of 52 cards. You start by placing an ante bet. You also have the option of placing a bonus bet. You get two hole cards. So does the dealer. You then get to fold, or you get to make a flop bet. This bet must be 2x the size of the ante. You don’t have the option of checking here—it’s bet or fold. The dealer then spreads three community cards. At this point, you can check or make a turn bet. If you make a turn bet, it must be the same size as the ante bet. The dealer then spreads a fourth card, the turn. You can check or place a river bet. As with the turn bet, a river bet must be the same size as the ante bet. The dealer then spreads the fifth card, pg slot wallet the river. You and the dealer each make the best hand from any combination of five cards in your hand and on the board. If the dealer has the better hand, you lose all your ante bets, flop bets, turn bets, and river bets. The bonus bet might still win, though. If you have the better hand, you win even money on the flop, turn, and river bets. The ante bet, though, pushes unless you have at least a straight. If you have a straight or better, the ante bet also pays off at even money. In case your hand ties the dealer’s hand, all these bets push.


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