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Guild Suggestions and Discussion » OFFICIAL VOTING THREAD » 8/12/2019 8:23 am

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Name: Littletree
My vote:
#1 - YES
#2 - NO
#3 - NO

Off Topic » AFG (Away From Game) » 7/16/2019 12:22 pm

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I will be on and off through July. I have family staying with me (kids)  and will be focusing my time with them. I will be back! 

Epic Talk » Druid Epic Progression (All Druids) » 5/26/2019 8:18 pm

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I would like to fill in the checks on these but the particular key I need isnt working on my keyboard, so I will just let you know that the only thing I have left to do is kill VS remains. I have the spell needed and also summon the globe whenever I can to keep it in my inventory to do the neccesary turn in when it comes time thanks!!

[ ] Speak with Telin Darkforest in Burning Wood and receive a Worn Note. 

[ ] Get the Shiny Tin Bowl from Ella Foodcrafter 
    [ ] Spawn Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark and give her the Worn Note, receiving Faelin`s Ring. 
    [ ] Find Giz X`Tin in Kithicor Forest and give him Faelin`s Ring, receiving a Dark Metal Coin. 
    [ ] Give the Dark Metal Coin to Telin Darkforest, he gives it back. 
    [ ] Find Althele in East Karana and give her the Dark Metal Coin. You receive Braided Grass Amulet. Sionae spawns nearby. 
    [ ] Give Sionae the Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned. 
    [ ] Give Nuien the Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned. 
    [ ] Give Teloa the Braided Grass Amulet, spawning a Dark Elf Corruptor and two Dark Elf Reavers. 
    [ ] Kill all at least the Dark Elf Corrupter and give Althele the Fleshbound Tome. She will give you an Earth Stained Note. 
    [ ] Give Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket the Earth Stained Note and receive a Shiny Tin Bowl. 

[ ] Craft Hardened Mixture by combining 4 foraged items in the Shiny Tin Bowl. 
    [x] Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost. 
    [x] Ripened Heartfruit from Greater Faydark. 
    [x] Speckled Molded Mushroom from Innothule Swamp. 

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