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Guild Suggestions and Discussion » OFFICIAL VOTING THREAD » 8/12/2019 6:13 pm

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#1 - NO
#2 - NO
#3 - NO

– No box alt should be have an elevated raid status.  Box alts are lucky to be counted a full alt, because the player divides their attention between two or more characters, where a single character player can fully attend to their character whether main or alt.
#2 – Miniminum dkp bid is not necessary.  The demand for the loot dictates its value.
#3  – Allowing greed bids for loot is not the best benefit for the guild, which needs operating capital; neither is it the best benefit for the majority of the guild's players.

Rule changes should be rare, and carefully presented, specially loot changes, because they usually cause damage that outweighs any possible benefit.

Guild Suggestions and Discussion » Proposed Changes to Alts/Boxes DKP & Bidding » 8/10/2019 4:31 pm

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Boxes on raids: Granting special compensation to some box toons seems fair on the surface, but there is a lot of room for abuse.  To be honest, no box toon is played as well as when a player concentrates on one toon.  I believe all boxes on raids should be counted as alts.  If a player wishes to contribute less with their alt because of this, so be it.

Alts on raids: It seems fair on the surface that if a player is asked by a guild leader to play an alt, they should be compensated like a main, but again there is much room for abuse.  I think regular rules should apply whenever alts are played.  If a player is asked to play an alt and they don't want to, they can refuse and play their main. 

We need to quit overcomplicating everything.  If we don't have enough players showing for raids, it might be because we're driving them away with all the loot changes.

Minimum Bids: If you don’t like clearing trash, engaging mobs, and raid effort, maybe this is not the game for you!  It’s not necessary to add a minimum bid for loot. If a player waits, and gets loot for 1 dkp, that’s good for them.  If we're gearing up new players in older zones with 1 dkp loot, we can dress them up faster and get to the newer content.  Again, let’s quit overcomplicating everything.  It’s a game, folks.

I don’t see that we’re having a lot of problems with running up bids 1 dkp at a time, most of the time, people run it up at 5 dkp per bid.  Again, no need to make a rule about it.  Fewer rules for the win!

Raid Loot: I think the progression should be Raiders, Members & Alts, Bank, Greed.

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » Veeshan’s Peak Keying » 8/10/2019 4:20 pm

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If we update the VP-keyed list to exclude departed players and those on hiatus, there are just a few keyed players ready to raid.  So, it does not seem we will see a raid force in VP prior to Vellious release.  There is discussion on the net that post-Kunark, the key is not required on live servers, but still required on progression servers.  However, I don't have official word on this.  We may need to wait and see.

Raid Area » Plane of Sky Raid 6-29-19 » 7/01/2019 9:00 am

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Posting dkp balance before the raid and each dump and its value, and dkp spent is extremely helpful.  Thank you!

Epic Talk » Cleric Epic - Clickable 96% Resurrect Stick » 5/28/2019 8:03 pm

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Skyblue https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/love.png
clicky done!
Thanks all!

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