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Guild Suggestions and Discussion » Proposed Changes to Alts/Boxes DKP & Bidding » 8/07/2019 4:44 pm

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For what it is worth.....
My opinion is that if we have alts that are raid ready, then that is good for the guild. There will be times when they will be needed and used. Why have raiders and members? If someone has 5 level 60 raid set toons, is that not better than only having one? And if they want to spend all their DKP, which they earned by being there, go towards all their toons why not? If I am an enchanter and I am competing against another enchanter who wants an item, but they have split their DKP up outfitting the other alts, then I am more than likely going to get the item I want because all my DPK is going towards my main while theirs is split 5 ways. If they are spending 5 times the amount of time on a raid as I am, then they deserve the item I wanted. Just my .02.....but then I don't see a huge issue with the way we have been doing it either. 

I hate to see this become an issue to begin with. I have been in more guilds that have broken up....and 100% of the time the breakup was caused by raid loot. Lets not let that happen here. I genuinely like all you guys.

Guild Suggestions and Discussion » Raid Attendance Issues & My Concerns/Thoughts » 7/31/2019 4:04 pm

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Agreed 100%. Thank you for putting this out there. I will say that I am not on as often as I would like. I am in law enforcement. I am an elected Sheriff in my county and as such, at times I do not have as much time as I would like. Believe me when I say I deal with enough stress on a day to day basis that I LOVE this game. It is a great stress relief and the people here are awesome. I am on the west coast and raiding your times is not ideal for me, but it is all of you that keeps me here. In the winter I will be around a lot more, during the summer, it is tourist season and we are nuts. So if you do not see me on as much, do not think it is because I don't care. I do. 

I am ALWAYS available to help lower levels out if you need it also. Camping a mob or leveling...just let me know what I can do to help.

Stay strong, stay focused and before you know it, we will be killing dragons every week. :-) 

Be safe.
Sauve The Wolf

Epic Talk » Enchanter Epic Quest Progression (All Enchanters) » 7/29/2019 5:35 pm

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Sauve (Level 60 Enchanter)

Jeb's Seal 

[X] Hail Stofo Olan in Erudin 
[X] Ink of the Dark
[X] Mechanical Pen 
[X] a White Paper 
[X] Give the Ink of the Dark, the Mechanical Pen, and the White Paper to Stofo Olan in Erudin to get a Copy of Notes. 
[X] Give the Copy of Notes to Jeb Lumsed (a sarnak imitator) in Burning Woods to get Jeb's Seal. 

First Piece of Staff -- Test of Illusion 
[ ] Kill Prince Selrach Di'zok in Chardok and loot the Head of a Prince 
[ ] Give the Head of a Prince to Joren Nobleheart in Felwithe to get the Chalice of Kings. 
[ ] Kill Vessel Drozlin in Cabilis and loot the Xolion Rod. 
[ ] Obtain Snow Blossoms in Oggok. (4 sub-steps completed)
[ ] Kill Verina Tomb in Neriak and loot Innoruuk's Word. 
[ ] Combine the Chalice of Kings, Xolion Rod, Snow Blossoms and Innoruuk's Word in an Enchanters Sack. 
[ ] Give the combined sack to Modani Qu`Loni in The Overthere to get the First Piece of Staff. 

Second Piece of Staff -- Test of Enlightenment 
[X] Kill Cazel in Oasis to get a Spoon 
[ ] Pick up the The One Key in the Overthere. 
[ ] Pick up the Lost Scroll in Dalnir. 
[ ] Pick up the Book of Charm and Sacrifice in Plane of Sky. 
[ ] Combine the Spoon, the One Key, the Lost Scroll and the Book of Charm and Sacrifice in an Enchanter's Sack. 
[ ] Give the combined sack to Mizzle Gepple (Clockwork VIIX) in Ak'Anon to get the Second Piece of Staff. 

Third Piece of Staff -- Test of Charm 
[color=#000000][ ]

Guild Suggestions and Discussion » DKP, Raiding, Recruiting, Switching Mains and Alts discussion » 4/30/2019 1:29 am

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My thoughts....for what they are worth.

I personally don't like to bid against alts even if they are paying double DKP the way it is set up now. A few raids ago I ended up paying 60 DKP for an item the alt bought for 2dkp...and that was paying double. The alt is earning DKP at the same rate I am, but on two toons, and eventually I am going to get outbid for something good because the ALT will have way more DKP than I do....and will the same gear I have but purchased at a fraction of the price.

So I will throw out a few things for thought.
1. If you bring more than one toon, that is fine, but prior to the raid you designate which is the main and which is the alt. Only the main earns DKP.
2. If you do that, then we should get rid of the double the DKP for alts and everyone bids the same. 

I am not sure how to make it fair for those who do not have multiple computers or accounts. This way, no matter which toon you take, you will earn DKP at the same rate as anyone else. Conversely once I get my mage to 50, I would like to take him to the planes to gear him up. Yes he is an ALT, but he will be just as valuable to the guild at one point as Aveline. If I have Brathlen up there, then Aveline will not be earning DKP just like the boxed players. 

I have nothing against boxed players and appreciate them. But I dont have the computer or the time to do two accounts. I just think the system we have is not the best or the fairest way to do it. I am not sure this would be better, but it kind of makes sense to me. Either way, this is an imperfect system that works. When they came out with DKP, I don't think they thought about people having multiple computers or accounts. 

I am good either way we do it. Just happy to be in a killer guild with great guys. 

Be safe.


DKP List » OFFICIAL DKP LIST » 4/21/2019 3:47 pm

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A google Excel Sheet works well also...everyone gets a link to view only. Just a thought.

DKP List » DKP Rules » 4/19/2019 7:04 pm

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50 points to start out, is that at the beginning of the raid? Or is that just in general, one time? If so then Aveline is not on that list and I have been on a few raids now. :-)

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