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Guild Suggestions and Discussion » DKP and Looting Discussion Thread Please Post By 7-8-19 » 7/02/2019 2:37 am

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Honestly, I was intending to express my opinions on these matters but I've decided I dont really care. I just want to know what are the rules. I'll just say the following:

As to who gets to bid on what, I've always felt that you earned your dkp and you ought to be able to spend it how you see fit. But I know that might be a minority opinion...

As to selling items. If the decision is yes, and I think it is?, then please make a list. RBB, CoF, wr bags all dropped in classic and still drop in kunark. "Past expansion" is too vague here.

My lassaiz-faire attitude notwithstanding, I'd probably leave a guild in which everyone were cutthroat mercantilists.

I'm against any dkp reimbursal programs. This guild gives out a great deal as it is and I expect inflationary bidding very soon. Every raid without something good dropping for me to bid on might see my dkp worth less and less. If I'm holding out for a great item while my competitors are spending willy-nilly, my sacrifice is just ashes if they can recoup all their points just before we kill the mob I'm waiting for. But if you do institute something, do it soon.

Class Discussions » How to MA? » 6/15/2019 10:59 am

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I think our MAs dont understand their purpose. Which is to expedite concentration of dps. Not to tank the mob to the last.

IMO, you break mez, call assist, and allow another tank to gain agro, then move on to the next. Depending on circumstance you wait to call assist until previous mob is dead or immediately call another assist, because waiting is generally serious overkill. Rangers should probably be the only toons to remain on a mob until its dead since they can snare it if its going to get away. Dispellers an obvious exception....

Just my two cents.

Epic Talk » Warrior Epic List » 6/08/2019 10:06 am

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Warrior Epic 1.0 Guide

Red Scabbard
( x ) Get Note from Kargek Redblade in East Freeport.
( x ) Give note to Oknoggin Stonesmasher in Feerott and receive the Tiny Lute.
( x ) Give Tiny Lute to Kargek and receive book.
( x ) Give book to Tenal Redblade in East Karana and receive Totem of Freezing War.
( x ) Go to Permafrost and kill ice goblin wizards to get a Heart of Frost.
( x ) Give Heart of Frost and Totem of Freezing War to Tenal and receive a Totem of Fiery War.
( x ) Kill Ragefire/Nagafen/Nortlav/Talendor to receive a Red Dragon Scales.
( ) Kill Severilous to receive a Green Dragon Scales.
( x ) Go to Plane of Hate to get a Hand of the Maestro from the Maestro/Cursed hand of Maestro.
( ) Hand in the Red Dragon Scales, Green Dragon Scales, and the Totem of Fiery War to Tenal to receive the Mark of the Sword.
( x ) Go to Plane of Sky to hunt the Spiroc Lord on the 5th isle for the Spiroc Wingblade.
( ) Hand in the Mark of the Sword and the Spiroc Wingblade to Tenal to receive the Red Scabbard.

Ancient Sword Blade
( x ) Go to Permafrost and hunt the Ice Giants for a Block of Permafrost.
( x ) Buy a Keg of Vox Tail Ale (sold in EFP Port Authority in E. Freeport).
( x ) Buy 2 Rebreathers.
( x ) Hand off these items to Denken Strongpick (Aviak Island in Ocean of Tears) to receive first blade.

Ancient Blade
( x ) Kill the Queen of Chardok to receive the second blade.

Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt
( x ) Go to the Aviak Tower in Lake Rathetear , swim to the bottom on under the tower to receive the Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt.
( x ) Get a Black Sapphire.
( x ) Get a Jacinth.
( x  ) Get a Diamond.
( x ) Hand all these items to Wenden Blackhammer to receive the Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt.

Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt
( x ) Get the Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt in Timorous Deep on the chessboard island next to the king chess piece.
( x ) Go to Plane of Fear and kill any of the golems to receive a Ball of Everliving Golem.
( x ) Go to Dreadlands to kill a Mountain Gia

Introductions » Mort » 5/28/2019 1:35 am

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Hey, I live in Sarasota.

Introductions » Shermen » 5/12/2019 12:43 am

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Hey, I was on TZ. Barb rogue Dinadaan in Finality.

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » Michael's shenanigans » 5/03/2019 11:12 pm

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I like his stuff.

EQ Chronicles has some great ones too.
Cant link since first post.

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