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Guild Bank » OFFICIAL GUILD BANK THREAD » 9/19/2019 12:32 am

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Need 1 Crushed Coral for Champions Helm

Need 3 Crushed Black Marbles for ToV Boots


Guild Bank » OFFICIAL GUILD BANK THREAD » 9/19/2019 12:30 am

Replies: 840

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Need 1 Crushed Coral for Magnusen. 


Guild Bank » OFFICIAL GUILD BANK THREAD » 9/13/2019 5:28 pm

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Need some Healing Potions for Magnusen.


Guild Suggestions and Discussion » OFFICIAL VOTING THREAD » 8/12/2019 9:55 pm

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My vote:
#1 - No
#2 - Yes
#3 - No

- Raider status should not be a Loot Rights Privilege but a Raid Position Privilege. Raiders and Members should have the same ability/chance to bid on ALL items that drop regardless of their status. If a Member has the dkp to outbid a Raider on a good item, it is because THEY HAVE EARNED IT by RAIDING! They went to enough raids to amass enough dkp to bid on good loot. This is the definition of a free market system.  Our system is treating Members like 2nd Class Citizens not friends and guild-mates.

- Raider status (seniority) should only come into play when we MAX OUT the number of people attending the raid.  Only then would the raider status give you the privilege to bump a member from the raid if its full. 

#1:  Loot order would be Raider & Member > Alts/Greed > Bank

#2: Our dkp system needs to be ADJUSTED. 

Minimum DKP for valuable items is a fine idea. I am not in favor of an increased variable DKP value based on market prices.  Keep it simple. 
              -  Items under 1kr = 50dkp (minimum)  
              -  Items over   1kr = 100dkp (minimum)

Runed Bolster Belt should never go for 1dkp !!!!! Especially when members who want and could use it have 400dkp.

#3:  If we change the Loot order to the following - Raider & Member > Alts/Greed > Bank[color=#000000]   this issue goes away.

Final note - For a guild that has trouble filling up raids and consistently taking down Trakanon, why are we demonizing Members (even if they cant raid 50% of the week) and Boxes/Alts.  Our guild cannot be competitive in the future if we only have 20 characters equipped.

Raiders and Members should be competing

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » Veeshan’s Peak Keying » 7/08/2019 9:07 pm

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[X] Verix Kylox's Remains
[X] Kaeosra GS
[X] Niblek turn-in
[X] a rotting skeleton
Pained Soul
[X] Burnished Wooden Staff turn-in
[X] an ancient Jarsath 
[X] BloodGill Marauder
[X] Swamp of No Hope GS

[X] Trakanon's Tooth


Class Discussions » Tank Swaps » 7/08/2019 10:53 am

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I agree 100% with what you said Shermen.

1. Tanks with Rez Effects are basically rag dolls.(No Buffs, Reduced HP and Stats).

2. If we have a Tank with Res Effects that last 3 minutes I think we need to make it known that they do not re-grab aggro during the fight after 1st death and rez.

3. We have a Tank Order for a reason. Currently we have 5 level 60 geared Warriors. Why have a level 60 Warrior with Rez Effects and No Buffs re-grab Aggro from a fully buffed level 60 Warrior.

We need to come to a guild consensus on this issue because even being included in the Tank Order for many months this issue is unclear.


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