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Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » Veeshan’s Peak Keying » 7/06/2019 2:49 am

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[x] Verix Kylox's Remains

[x] Kaeosra GS
[ ] Niblek turn-in - faction is required? never had a problem on my other 2 guys
[x] a rotting skeleton
Pained Soul
[ ] Burnished Wooden Staff turn-in - charmable
[  ] an ancient Jarsath 
[x] BloodGill Marauder
[  ] Swamp of No Hope GS

[ ] Trakanon's Tooth

Introductions » Beerd Belly » 6/04/2019 10:19 pm

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Hello. I'm a cute cuddly dwarf. Err... no.

My favorite part of Everquest is the people. It's been a fond dream of mine since my original retirement of Everquest in 2004 to start over and help build a fresh community of players that go through the hell and hardship of classic with the goal of a good time and a hard won God-kill... or 20.

Now that these TLP's have been released, this is my 3rd time playing through classic. I did so in 1999 on Brell Serilis server(Warrior/Druid), 2018 on Coirnav (Bard), and now in 2019 as a paladin.

In the real world I'm a professional, a husband, and a daddy of 4 kids- 3 boys and a girl, girl at 3 years old being the youngest. I've been married since 2008 to my high school sweetheart. That's a story in and of its self, as I graduated in 1998 and went straight into the military. Think "The Notebook." If you imagine me as Ryan Gosling handsome I won't correct you.

Outside of Work, husbanding, daddying, and Everquesting, I like to read and philosophize. I read thousands of books when I was a kid when I wasn't playing Warcraft 2 and Master of Orion 2. This past year I'm becoming partial to audiobooks as they're easier to get through while driving. Books are probably one of my only good habits. I'm not a TOTAL nerd though.

I like to think of myself as a cool nerd in a high school hierarchy that becomes the popular kid when he saves the day by being the first in his class to level headed and well prepared when catastrophe strikes. This doesn't usually get him the cheerleader, but the girl with the huge doe eyes that won't give anyone the time of day? She digs me. And now when we go out on the town, people wonder- How did he end up with her?


Class Discussions » Bards- New Raids New Melodies » 6/03/2019 11:48 pm

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For all of the fights where a resist is involved - use a drum in offhand

Venril Sethir- Bards x2 Tank group melody nillipuss march of the wee- example /melody 1 1 1 1
DPS bard- Melody nillipuss(level 52), rondo (level 57)
Healer group bard - cantana of replenishment (level 55)

Tank Group Melody- Niv's Harmonic(58), Psalm of Purity(37), Rondo(57), Nillipuss(52)
DPS Group Melody - Psalm of purity, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer group bard - Cantana of replenishment

Faydedar/Talendor- Tank group melody - Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
DPS Group Melody- Guardian rythms, elemental rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer group- Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, Cantana of replenishment

Severilous/dracoliche- Tank Group Melody- Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
DPS Group Melody - Psalm of vitality, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer Group- Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, Cantana of replenishment

Gorenaire- Tank Group Melody - Guardian rythms, elemental rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
DPS Group Melody- Psalm of warmth, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer Group - Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, Cantana of replenishment

Vox - Tank group melody- Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Dps Group Melody- Psalm of warmth,  rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer Group- Cantana of replenishment

Nagafen Tank Group melody- Psalm of mystic shielding, guardian rythms, rondo, cantana of replenishment
DPS Group - Psalm of Cooling, rondo, cantana of replenishment
Healer Group- Cantana of replenishment

If you have suggestions to the contrary please PM me.



Guild Bank » OFFICIAL GUILD BANK THREAD » 5/07/2019 1:08 am

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Please update with the MQ items you still have and send all droppable items to Burta or one of the guild mules so everything is in one spot. Thanks.  - Burta

Armor and Items Request » Scute Shields » 5/07/2019 12:37 am

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If anyone (especially tracker class) is interested in helping the shadow knights find a good shield since we haven't gotten the planar ones yet, please look up the Scute Shield on allakhazam and try to kill a named level 12 armadillo in north ro for us. His name is Dunedigger. It's not a difficult kill, but the rarity is an issue. The shields are selling for 2 krono per the current tlp price i found, but I'd appreciate if we can find a couple to let our SK's to borrow until they get an upgrade. Afterwards I'm sure they'd give it back for you to sell to get some money for your effort.

Appreciate anyone willing to give it a shot.



Class Discussions » Enchanter Rune Rotations » 5/04/2019 1:39 am

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My only thought on your post is that any rune effect blocks the lifetap regardless of the actual amount the rune is supposed to cover. Bard rune blocks venril sethir's lifetap even though its like a 20-40 hp or something rune. I prefer the rune 4 use on maestro because it has utility in keeping the tank alive better and potentially lasting through a melee hit.

Raid Area » Plane of Sky Raid 5-4-19 » 5/04/2019 1:26 am

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AOC is in freeport near the docks not feerrott.

DKP List » DKP Rules » 4/22/2019 10:28 pm

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In response to Lucianna's request for a hard raid cutoff time- I don't see the raids taking more and more time, rather the raids should be shorter as we progress unless we are failing a new target, in which case the dkp reward for completing the progression target is increased for a first kill.

There is no requirement to raid in this guild. Period. Uratowel is an example of a level 50 in the guild that has never raided. That said, the raid times being prolonged at times happens and I don't want to cut off dkp with a solid raid ending with /random for the loot on a difficult target because we had a hard locked time to end. Giving bonus dkp to people who stay longer past a set time only makes the DKP disparity for people who have to leave earlier worse.

DKP List » DKP Rules » 4/22/2019 10:21 pm

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In response to the raid chatter saying in essence: special people get special items- that will be so rare it won't be worth arguing about. The first shield of the immaculate is the first and only case of this happening, but it could happen in future raids.

We intentionally have a dkp system instead of a loot council to avoid the misconception that we are favoring certain individuals. The favor will go to those who raid the most by the fact that they have the most dkp to spend- that is assuming they want to spend it at all.

Class Discussions » Clerics: Healing Efficiency- Explained » 4/22/2019 7:32 pm

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Tldr- Complete healing rotation is coming

Cleric Mana costs including specialization:

Complete heal- 351 mana- 7500 hp healed max
Healing light - 209 mana - 800 hp healed max
Superior healing - 162 mana- 600 hp healed max

HP per mana spent assuming Burta has 1500hp left and a hp pool around 4000 buffed which i assume he has more but I'm being conservative for this argument: so complete heal is healing 2500hp every cast.

Complete heal- 2500/351= 7.1 hp per mana spent
Healing light - 800/209= 3.82 hp per mana spent
Superior Healing - 3.7 hp per mana spent

The complete heal rotation is nearly twice as efficient as a combination of the other 2 if timed correctly, along with the fact that Burta's heals are coming in in an organized fashion. Please get on board with the complete heal rotations- we're not going to have another raid without their use. I won't argue about it further unless you can prove this math incorrect and also provide a means in which to implement the counterargument in the raid setting with 4+ clerics.



Guild Bank » Guild Bank, Plane of Sky Quest Drops » 4/21/2019 11:39 am

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Have on Aces from Beerd:

Copper Disc
Diaphanous Globe
Gold Disc
Griffon Statuette
Mithril Disc
Shimmering Opal
Silvery Girdle

DKP List » OFFICIAL DKP LIST » 4/20/2019 1:18 pm

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Thanks Burta

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