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Guild Suggestions and Discussion » OFFICIAL VOTING THREAD » 8/12/2019 6:34 pm

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1. No

2. No

3. No

I like the way things are.  But then again, I am a dinosaur lol.

Guild Suggestions and Discussion » Proposed Changes to Alts/Boxes DKP & Bidding » 8/07/2019 4:06 pm

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I do not usually voice my opinion with everyone and go through my class leader.  In saying that my class leader is on vacation.

My main concern is this minimum of 100dkp for an item.  That's just doesn't seem right to me.  If an item is worth it, it will bring more than adequate dkp for that item.  A lot of items are just a small upgrade anyhow.  When I am on a raid and someone gets something for cheap .ie 1DKP I consider that they have waited on something so that they don't have to spend such high dkp for an item.  I understand that someone may have, at first, spent more dkp for the item when they got it, but it was there choice to spend it.  We all earn dkp at the same rate and we should be able to chose at what rate to spend it, not have a minimum standard.  As for a minimum bump of 1dkp I have not seen that every often and it usually does not take a lot of time, it's like an auction, but I haven't seen anything for 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on, as to take up time.  Last raid I was outbid by 1dkp on something that when for 867dkp.  The person was smart and looked up my dkp and bid one above.  It did not make me mad or insult me because they could have made a bigger jump if they wanted anyhow.  The should not have to spend 5 dkp more instead of 1dkp more.  We did not get to 866 by 1 at a time anyhow.  

"It requires the effort of ~40 people about an hour to mobilize, clear trash and defeat the bosses and having the 
resulting loot go for 1 DKP is somewhat unfair. We are proposing a minimum bid of 100 DKP 
to be added for these items to make it worthwhile of the guild's time."

Please don't feel it is a waste of time.  Normally a person getting something for 1dkp has been there for those clearings and just waited to spend their dkp the cheapest way they can.  I chose to raid to see more content of the game, maybe get some loot for upgrades.

As for alts.  Ever

Epic Talk » Mage Epic » 5/29/2019 11:20 pm

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My progress on the checklist from ZAM below:
[x ] Words of Magi'Kot
    [ x ] Kill an enraged dread wolf in Kithicor Forest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 1.
    [x ] Kill Tentacle Terrors in the Estate of Unrest. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 2.
    [ x] Kill a bloodthirsty ghoul in Lower Guk. Loot Torn Page of Magi`kot pg. 3.
    [  ] Take them to Jahsohn Aksot in Commonlands. Receive Words of Magi`kot.

[ ] Power of the Elements
    [ x] Kill a gypsy dancer in Mistmoore. Loot the Power of Wind.
    [x ] Kill Lava elemental in Solusek's Eye. Loot the Power of Fire.
    [ ] Kill famished ravener or Hungered Ravener in Kaesora. Loot the Power of Water. (Kunark)
    [x ] Kill A Fairy Guard/a faerie guard in Lesser Faydark. Loot Power of Earth.
    [ ] Give these to Walnan in the Butcherblock Mountains. Receive the Power of the Elements.

[ x] Words of Mastery
    [x ] Kill A Magician, A Goblin Magician, or Ekeros in Najena or an alligator in Cazic Thule for Torn Pages **Save Broom/Shovel if they drop.**
    [x ] Torn Page of Mastery Earth
    [ x] Torn Page of Mastery Water
    [x ] Torn Page of Mastery Wind
    [x ] Torn Page of Mastery Fire:
    [ ] Give all four torn pages to Akkstaff in Najena. Receive: Words of Mastery

[ ] Power of the Orb
    [ ] Go to Rykas in Lake Rathetear. Give him the Words of Magi`kot, the Power of the Elements, and the Words of Mastery. Receive the Power of the Orb.

[ ] Element of Fire
    [ ] Kill Neh'Ashiir in the City of Mist. Loot the Torch of the Elements.
    [ ] Kill Nezekezena, Phurzikon, and Gylton in the Burning Woods. Loot Burning Embers.
    [ ] Kill Undertow in Kedge Keep. Loot the Blazing Wand.
    [ ] Give these items and the Power of the Orb to Jennus Lyklobar in Skyfire Mountains. Receive the Element of Fire.

[ ] Element of Earth
    [ ] Kill Magi P`Tasa in the Plane of Hate. Loot the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth.
    [ ] Kill Slixin Klex in the Burning Wood. Loot Dirt of Underfoot.
    [ x] Quest for Shovel of

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