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Armor and Items Request » Place your spell requests here! » 7/31/2019 12:38 pm

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Hi guys, I am taking a break from the game for a bit due to some family things going on iRL. If there is anyone else who is doing spell research please let me know so that I can send you some hides/spell scrolls/papyrus.

I will not be taking any new spell requests, at least in the near term.

Thanks for your understanding,

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » Veeshan’s Peak Keying » 7/02/2019 8:16 am

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Keyed:  1) Audubon, 2) Burnberry, 3) Yurinary, 4) Vastator, 5) Granular, 6) Nimzo, 7) Magnusen, 8) Kutsu, 9) Vashazir, 10) Skyblue, 11)  Brutale, 12) Brutal, 13) Aveline, 14) Rizen, 15) Ryarch (pending Trak Tooth), 16) Eilgrad (pending Trak Tooth)

(1) DROP:  Verix Kylox's Remains (KC sewers 115, -630, -45; PH is a decayed kylong Iksar; 10% chance to spawn. 25min PH cycle. Level 53. Summons) 
(2) GROUNDSPAWN:  (Kaesora library, upstairs 56, -441 or -377, -74; 50min timer)
(3) TURN-IN:  Black Sapphire + Ruby to Niblek's in Chardok

(1) DROP:  a rotting skeleton (DL ~ 2250, -5140; 2% chance to spawn from PH every 5m20s) 
(2) DROP:  Pained Soul (TT -1835, -4370, -355 near Old Sebilis; PH every 5m20s)
(3) TURN-IN:  Burnished Wooden Staff to Ssolet Dnaas (WW 4011, 402, -208; 20min respawn; need at least dubious with Legion of Cabilis)

(1) DROP:  an ancient Jarsath (FV spawnse very time in the SE/E on the road that looks like a dead end. PHs are goblins and (ogre?) pirates. See below for detailed info on how to spawn him)
(2) DROP:  BloodGill Marauder (LOIO entrance to Veksar at bottom of lake; heard a rumor he is now a 50min static spawn)
(3) GROUNDSPAWN:  Swamp of No Hope at several locs near 52, 2935, -6; One spawns at one of the locs every 50-min.

Trakanon Tooth
Win the drop via random on a Trakanon raid by attending as a Raider, Member (once all Raiders in attendance have them), or Alt (after all Raiders and Members in attendance have them)

Spawning & killing an ancient jarsath in FV despite competition and even without a tracker:
1. Find Home Base:  Look to the right side of the map. Towards the bottom (SE), there is a dead end road. Go there, pick a spot, and memorize how to get back

Off Topic » AFG (Away From Game) » 6/26/2019 5:02 pm

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Thought I'd start a thread for this so that we can post notices when we intend to be away for an extended time.

Burnberry will be unavailable to raid on the following dates:
Sat 6/29:  friend's wedding
Wed 7/3:  MN - helping parents move
Fri 7/5:  MN - helping parents move
Sat 7/6:  MN - helping parents move

Armor and Items Request » Place your spell requests here! » 6/09/2019 1:40 am

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Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus 

NOTE:  I have absolutely NONE of these papers.

NOTE:  Of all the spell lists, this is the most questionable. Some of these spells will not be in game yet (e.g., KEI, etc.)

Ability: Enchant Dwerium
Song: Fufil's Diminishing Dirge
Spell: Aegis of Ro
Spell: Aegolism
Spell: Arch Lich
Spell: Avatar
Spell: Banishment
Spell: Banishment of Shadows
Spell: Blessing of Aegolism
Spell: Death Peace
Spell: Dictate
Spell: Disintegrate
Spell: Divine Intervention
Spell: Elnerick's Rending
Spell: Enslave Death
Spell: Entrapping Roots
Spell: Ethereal Elixir
Spell: Familiar Enhancement
Spell: Focus Intricate Spellcaster's Essence
Spell: Focus of Spirit
Spell: Form of the Hunter
Spell: Funeral Pyre of Kelador
Spell: Gangrenous Touch of Zum`uul
Spell: Garrison's Superior Sunder
Spell: Gift of Brilliance
Spell: Greater Familiar
Spell: Greater Vocaration: Water
Spell: Hammer of Souls
Spell: Ice Spear of Solist
Spell: Khura's Focusing
Spell: Koadic's Endless Intellect
Spell: Lure of Ice
Spell: Maelstrom of Electricity
Spell: Mala
Spell: Malo
Spell: Marzin's Mark
Spell: Mask of the Hunter
Spell: Monster Summoning III
Spell: Moonfire
Spell: Nature's Recovery
Spell: Protection of the Glades
Spell: Shock of Fiery Blades
Spell: Speed of the Brood
Spell: Sunstrike
Spell: Torpor
Spell: Transon's Elemental Renewal
Spell: Trucidation
Spell: Visions of Grandeur
Spell: Wind of Tashanian
Spell: Wind of the Desert
Spell: Winds of Gelid
Spell: Word of Redemption
Spell: Zevfeer's Theft of Vitae

Armor and Items Request » Place your spell requests here! » 6/09/2019 1:36 am

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Level 56
Item: Smudged Rough Papyrus

Decession (triv: 180) (Wiz 56)
Dyzil's Deafening Decoy (triv: 180) (Mag 56)
Gift of Pure Thought (triv: 180) (Enc 56)
Horrifying Visage (triv: 180) (Enc 56)
Retribution of Al'Kabor (triv: 180) (Wiz 56)
Sedulous Subversion (triv: 180) (Nec 56)
Summon: Muzzle of Mardu (triv: 180) (Mag 56)
Acumen (triv: 182) (Shm 56, Bst 65)
Crippling Claudication (triv: 182) (Nec 56)
Hammer of Judgement (triv: 182) (Clr 56)
Judgement (triv: 182) (Clr 56)
Mark of Karn (triv: 182) (Clr 56)
Markar's Discord (triv: 182) (Wiz 56)
Regrowth of Dar Khura (triv: 182) (Shm 56)
Servant of Bones (triv: 182) (Nec 56)
Wake of Karana (triv: 182) (Dru 56)
Augment (triv: 183) (Enc 56)
Breath of Karana (triv: 183) (Dru 56)
Demi Lich (triv: 183) (Nec 56)
Bane of Nife (triv: 184) (Shm 56)
Torment of Argli (triv: 184) (Enc 56)
Yaulp V (triv: 184) (Clr 56)
Ro's Smoldering Disjunction (triv: 186) (Dru 56)

Level 57
Item: Grimy Papyrus

Conjure Corpse (triv: 190) (Nec 57, Shk 57)
Evacuate (triv: 190) (Wiz 57)
Guard of Calrena (triv: 190) (Wiz 57)
Pillar of Flame (triv: 190) (Wiz 57)
Umbra (triv: 190) (Enc 57)
Aegis (triv: 191) (Clr 57)
Bonds of Tunare (triv: 191) (Dru 57)
Enlightenment (triv: 191) (Enc 57)
Eye of Tallon (triv: 191) (Mag 57, Wiz 57)
Forlorn Deeds (triv: 191) (Enc 57)
Succor (triv: 191) (Dru 57)
Talisman of the Brute (triv: 191) (Shm 57)
Talisman of the Cat (triv: 191) (Shm 57)
Word of Restoration (triv: 194) (Clr 57)
Malosini (triv: 195) (Mag 58, Shm 57)

Level 58
Item: Grubby Fine Papyrus

Spell: Aegis
Spell: Bonds of Tunare
Spell: Conjure Corpse
Spell: Enlightenment
Spell: Evacuate
Spell: Eye of Tallon
Spell: Forlorn Deeds
Spell: Guard of Calrena
Spell: Malosini
Spell: Pillar of Flame
Spell: Succor
Spell: Talisman of the Brute
Spell: Talisman of the Cat
Spell: Umbra
Spell: Word of Restoration

Level 59
Item: Dirty Runic Papyrus

Spell: Asphyxiate
Spell: Devouring Darkness
Spell: Emissary of Thule
Spell: Ethere

Armor and Items Request » Place your spell requests here! » 6/09/2019 1:35 am

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Level 50
Item: Grubby Crude Spell Scroll

Focus Spellcaster's Essence (triv: 120) (Enc 50, Mag 55, Wiz 55, Nec 55)
Improved Invisibility (triv: 120) (Enc 50, Wiz 55)
Levitation (triv: 120) (Enc 51, Wiz 50, Dru 50, Shm 51)
Theft of Thought (triv: 120) (Enc 50)
Translocate (triv: 120) (Wiz 50)
Everlasting Breath (triv: 122) (Enc 51, Dru 50, Shm 51)
Talisman of Jasinth (triv: 122) (Bst 63, Shm 50)
Spirit of Quickening (triv: 126) (Shm 50)

Level 51
Item: Shabby Rough Spell Scroll

Atol's Spectral Shackles (triv: 130) (Wiz 51)
Pillar of Frost (triv: 130) (Wiz 51)
Splurt (triv: 130) (Nec 51)
Circle of Winter (triv: 131) (Rng 61, Dru 51)
Death Pact (triv: 131) (Clr 51)
Sacrifice (triv: 131) (Nec 51)
Sunskin (triv: 131) (Clr 51)
Tishan's Discord (triv: 131) (Wiz 51)
Gift of Xevy (triv: 134) (Mag 51)

Level 52/53
Item: Grimy Spell Scroll

Mass Enchant Palladium
Bristlebane's Bundle
Call of Karana
Circle of Summer
Color Slant
Feral Pack
Heroic Bond
Insidious Decay
Primal Essence
Scent of Terris
Spirit of Scale
Tears of Druzzil
Translocate: Group
Word of Vigor

Level 53
Item: Shabby Fine Spell Scroll

Rizlona's Fire
Glamour of Tunare
Inferno of Al'Kabor
Minion of Shadows
Quiver of Marr
Talisman of Shadoo
Yaulp IV

Level 54
Item: Dirty Runic Spell Scroll

Bandolier of Luclin
Call of Darkness
Focus Mass Spellcaster's Essence
Form of the Howler
Illusion: Vah Shir
Magi Ward
Pillar of Lightning
Protection of Vie
Remove Greater Curse
Scars of Sigil
Scythe of Death
Shroud of the Spirits
Thrall of Bones
Vocarate: Water

Level 55
Item: Stained Fine Runic Spell Scroll

Greater Mass Enchant Palladium
Augmentation of Death
Aura of Insight
Aura of the Grove
Aura of the Zealot
Beguiler's Aura
Burnout IV
Call of the Hero
Chill Bones
Conglaciation of Bone
Dark Rune
Draught of Jiva

Armor and Items Request » Place your spell requests here! » 6/09/2019 1:29 am

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I finally have enough spell scrolls and papyrus to start making Level 51-59 spells for guildies, and I am taking spell orders. I will work on these in the mornings for the next few days and then at my earliest convenience thereafter.

Please parcel me plat (see below for costs) with the name of the spell you want made. 1 parcel per spell request please. You do *NOT* need the spell scroll or the papyrus with the exception of level 60 spells.

- I happily accept donations of spell scrolls and papyrus. I especially need Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus (level 60) as I do not have even my own level 60 spells yet.
- The cleansers and inks cost a lot (up to 250p per spell, out of my pocket before the cost of any player-purchased paper OR failures*)
* Trivial combines fail 5% of the time.

Level:  Guildie Price
<51:  75p
51:  100p
52:  125p
53:  150p
54:  175p
55:  200p 
56:  225p (need badly! only have 1. Avg tlpauctions is 200p so when we run out, I will have to charge 425p per level 56 spell.)
57:  250p
58:  275p
59:  300p (need slightly. We have 9.)

60:  n/a - we don't have any of these spell scrolls / papyrus

Guild Bank » Guild Bank - Spells » 6/09/2019 12:52 am

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Just a heads up that I don't have ANY of my 4 level 60 spells. If anyone has extra L60 necro spells, I could sure use them.

Fine Runic Papyrus (made from Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus) would allow me to craft all of these and, likely, many others. If anyone knows a good source of Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus, I would love to hear where.

Guild Bank » Guild Bank - Spells » 6/09/2019 12:32 am

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Call of the Hero
Conjure Corpse
Dyzil's Deafening Decoy
Eye of Tallon


Guild Bank » OFFICIAL GUILD BANK THREAD » 5/22/2019 11:45 pm

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Please update with the MQ items you still have and send all droppable items to Burta or one of the guild mules so everything is in one spot. Thanks.  - Burta

DKP List » OFFICIAL DKP LIST » 5/16/2019 11:42 pm

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Burta - you've got mail.

Sorry this is late in coming, but Armor was able to supply logs so we were able to confirm the DKP spending from Hate 5/12. I sent you those purchases (item and dkp bid confirmed via log) in mail.


Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » a FACTION Primer » 5/03/2019 5:31 pm

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Probably the easiest zone to maximize your faction in.

Bandages for the Honeybuggers
What you need:  2,000 bandages
What you do:
1. Give 2,000 bandages to Joogl Honeybugger in the Misty Thicket (you can give him them all at once but note the loss in standing with Coalition of Trade Folk Underground faction - see below. He also gives you vendor junk that you could sell off if your bags are not full.)

What you get (from turning in 2,000):
Deeppockets +2,000
Guadians of the Vale +2,000
Mayor Gubbin +2,000
Merchants of Rivervale +2,000
Coalition of Tradefolk Underground -2,000

If you what to end up amiable to the Coalition of Tradefolk Underground too, you will need to stagger how many bandages you hand in. Do several hundred. Then switch to the Tonics for Groflah quest (below) before handing in the rest.

Tonics for Groflah
What you need:  135 Brewing.
What you do:
1. Go to Ocean of Tears and buy 200 Kioala Nuts
2. Combine 200 Kioala Nuts + Flask of Water in a brew barrel to make 200 Tumpy Tonics
3. Go to the Seafury's Roost in East Freeport.
4. If Tarym Shoontar, Imxil T'brow, or Sir Edwin Motte are up either kill them (watch out though - faction hits!), pick over, or come back later. Personally, I killed Tarym Shoontar for the Surefall hand-in, but came back later if it was anyone else. Sir Edwin Motte's head is used in the NEC epic, so send a NEC a tell if he is up and maybe they will come kill him for you if they still need it.
5. Once Groflah the dwarf is spawned in Seafury's Roost, just give him the 200 Tumpy Tonics.
What you get (from 200):
Coalition of Tradefolk +2,000
Coalition of Tradefolk Underground +2,000
Knights of Truth +2,000
Merchants of Qeynos +1,400

Much of what you need to be non-KOS with Freeport you get while building your Qeynos standing.

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » a FACTION Primer » 5/03/2019 5:26 pm

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INSTALLMENT 1:  Qeynos & Rivervale

Deliver Gharin's Note (evil) to but only do the first 2 steps
What you need: Buy 100+ Crow's Special Brew
What you do:  
1. Find Gharin in South Qeynos. He is outside by day and in a room at the inn by night. Bind by him.
2. Give him 4 unstacked drinks. Receive note.
3. Run through the warrior hall to zone into the catacombs through the secret entrance.
4. Follow the hallway to the right. Invis so the SK mobs don't attack you. Find Nomaria and give her Gharin's note. (You can do this even if you are KOS.)
5. Gate. Destroy the note Nomaria gave you.
6. Repeat.
What you get (net of two sets of changes):
Bloodsabers +50
Guards of Qeynos +43
Antonius Bayle +7
Corrupt Qeynos Guards -5
Circle of Unseen Hands -12

Buy Blackburrow Stout from Guard Shilstar (NK)
What you need: 5,999gp (it must be gp)
What you do:
1. Go to a bank and turn 600plat into 5,999gp (don't worry - you're only going to use 100 plat worth at a time)
2. Go to the furthest NE portion of NK before the river, find Guard Shilster. Bind.
3. Give him 5gp at a time. (NOTE:  This is why you do 5,999. You can just click BACKSPACE 3x in order to do 200x 5gp turn-ins).
4. Do this 200 times. (Yes, it is a lot of clicking. I did it over 2,000 times now.)
5. When you get to <5,000gp, Gate or Origin back to a bank. Get another 5,999gp. Trust me, it is easier to backspace 3 times than to try and erase what is there and type '5.' You're doing this over and over and over again, after all.

What you get (per trip with 200 turn-ins):
circle of Unseen Hands +200
Corrupt Qeynos Guards +200
Kane Bayle +200
Bloodsabers +200
Guards of Qeynos -200

You also get a bottle of Blackburrough Stout. I ended up with enough to max alc. tol. without even doing brew

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » a FACTION Primer » 5/03/2019 5:21 pm

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I have been doing a lot of factioning on Burnberry in anticipation of the day he peels back his human skin to reveal his true, lizardman self. In case this is of interest to any of you, I thought I would make a faction primer.

What is faction?
The first thing you need to understand is STANDING and how STANDING relates to FACTION.

STANDING:  Your standing is a score from -2000 to +2000 that represents the influence (good or bad) your in-game actions have had. Standing defaults to 0 for all groups you come in contact with until you do something for (or to) them. Standing is easily misunderstood because it is the critical element of Faction. When we talk about “faction hits,” we are actually talking about changes to our STANDING. However, since STANDING is a 1-to-1 aspect of Faction, the literal meaning of what we said ends up being true as well. However, once your STANDING with a group drops to -2000 or hits +2000, you can no longer progress in that direction (but can reverse course).

FACTION:  Faction is the result of Standing plus an adjustment for race and another adjustment for religion. (There is also an adjustment for Alliance and +faction gear, but those are one-off situations and are typically quite intuitive.) Finally, it is unclear if your class also has an inherent adjustment value. I doubt it. I suspect that any adjustment for class is actually handled by the +/- adjustment for religion since your class already restricts your religious choices in EQ. With that said, if you try to buy from Dubious NPC merchants, they will often call out your class when telling you that they will not sell to you.

So what are my race and religion adjustments?
I would love to get my hands on those tables, but have not found one yet. If you do, please share in comments.

You can calculate the net of your character's adjustments by subtracting your standing from 2000 and then adding your current faction with an

Class Discussions » How to MA? » 4/23/2019 4:37 pm

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Endorse as well. Just one clarification, /assist main only works for the MA that is designated for your current group. You have to use /assist raid on the raid. 

Class Discussions » HSB Necromancer Raid Roles » 4/22/2019 8:44 pm

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  • All Dragons & Giants are belly casters
  • High-level golems are immune to most everything. You can try your fire DoTs, but if those fail just fallback to helping mez on charm breaks and life flowing the MT (original era) or (in Kunark era) twitching healers
  • The Maestro of Rancor is a partial belly caster. Do NOT cross the max melee range, but if you stand just behind them, you will land your spells far more often.
  • More coming soon.

Class Discussions » HSB Necromancer Raid Roles » 4/22/2019 8:31 pm

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Raiding Necromancers
Our job is not complicated, but there is a golden rule all raiding necros should follow, and there are a few tips that may be new to some, or simply a good refresher for others.

Never be the first one to DoT a mob unless you are 100% certain you are on the assist target.
Primary raid role:  DPS via DoT.
Secondary raid roles:

  • Charm pet backup (Screaming Terror)
  • Pre-Mez assist during ‘oh shit’ moments (Screaming Terror)
  • Buffs:  Disease Resist and DMF (Levitation + Poison Resist e.g., Trakanon)
  • Heals: vis Bond of Death + Life Flow (1 necro only)
  • (Come Kunark) Mana Batteries during gathering (mages – CoH), buffing (CLR, ENC, SHM), Cheal chains (any time we would have been using Life Flow in Original), and raid recovery (rezzers without clicky stick)

Assist Hotkeys:
I use two hotkeys:

  • /assist raid
  • /assist Burta [or MT’s name]

[Why two keys? Sometimes raid assist is wonky and bounces. A 2nd key solves this 99% of the time.
Bind it to a key:  My /assist raid key is bound to my right arrow key. I mash it twice, a few seconds apart before starting DoTs.
It is better to lose DPS then to make mezzable mobs unmezzable when there are multiples in camp.

Target Cycling & Key Binding:
I learned all of this playing my enchanter because it was mandatory to being good at my primary function.
[b]When I pl

Raid Area » Plane of Sky Raid 4-17-19 » 4/18/2019 1:51 am

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The Killing Blow

Guild Suggestions and Discussion » DKP Suggestions » 4/15/2019 5:54 pm

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My question is actually about bidding.

When we do unofficial raids on off nights or after official raiding has ended, I assume we are randoming rather than bidding DKP since DKP is not earned on those events? (eg a Monday night trek into open world Fear, Sky, or Hate say).

Actually I guess that’s two assumptions I’m hoping to get confirmation on:
1. DKP is earned on official raid nights only (Ie Wed Sat Sun)
2. DKP is only bid (spent) on official raid nights too.

Accurate or no?

Armor and Items Request » Spell Research » 4/15/2019 5:06 pm

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Skill 203.

To keep it simple, I charge guildmates 50p for any spell that uses a hide OTHER than Fine Supple Runic and 100p for those that use the Fine Supple Runics. This cost *includes* the hide and inevitable failures even at trivial and is basically more or less at-cost.

Do I need that hide? If you want to donate hides to me, I will gladly take them. I try to keep a handful of all types for odd requests. I am no longer buying hides though.


Level 58 spells are trivial at 200. Once scrolls are introduced in Kunark, I will begin production in hopes of getting a lot of raiders their low 50 spells ASAP.

When the expansion hits I could certainly use your help.

As the date gets closer I will post additional info such as crafted/dropped/quested spell lists for all classes and the types of scrolls and hides needed. I’m hoping for a bit of help from my guildmates here. Even just access to supply at reasonable or discounted prices v tlpauction average has real value to me. Donations will not be turned away either.

Epic Talk » Burnberry » 4/14/2019 8:00 pm

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- Symbol of the Serpent (well, have Flowing Black Robe + Symbol of the Apprentice. Turn in mob isn't in game yet)
- Eye of Innoruuk
- Slime Blood of Cazic Thule 
- Spiroc Feather Cloak

Kunark to launch:  Manisi Herb from Herbalist Mak'ha (Chardok) OR

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