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Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » State of the Guild Address » 8/14/2019 9:00 pm

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I think they were saying something about needing more leadership as well. Starting raids on time/having someone doing raid invites. If we say we are sending out invite 15 min prior we should. Maybe we should take turn leading raids as a learning experience and as a way to share the weight of leadership. I would be willing to do this once a month or maybe even twice.

Epic Talk » Sodapop » 6/24/2019 11:22 am

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Just need Undead Dragongut Strings.

Epic Talk » Sodapop » 6/20/2019 4:59 pm

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Just need Eldrig the Old and Undead Dragongut Strings.

Guild Announcements and Everquest Talk » DKP GIVEAWAY!!!!!! » 6/03/2019 9:18 am

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No sleep...til 60!
With no sleep til Brooklyn music and beat.

Epic Talk » Sodapop » 4/24/2019 10:31 am

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Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top

  • Talk to Konia Swiftfoot in Western Karana, receive a Torch of Misty
  • Give the torch to Fajio Knejo in Misty Thicket, receive Torch of Ro
  • Give the torch to Andad Filla in South Ro, receive Torch of Rathe
  • Give the torch to Misty Tekchita in Lake Rathetear, receive ring Proof of Speed
  • Give the ring to Konia Swiftfoot in W Karana, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top

Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom

  • Ask Baenar Swiftsong in South Karana, “what doll,” receive Solusek Mining Company Invoice
  • Take the invoice to Marfen Binkdirple in Solusek's Eye, receive Mechanical Doll
  • Give the doll to Serra in Unrest, receive a Ripped Qeynos Bards Guild Flyer and Note for Baenar
  • Give the note to Baenar Swiftsong, receive a note
  • Give the note to Maligar in Western Plains of Karana
  • Kill [45]Maligar's Enraged Doppleganger, loot his head
  • Give the head to Baenar Swiftsong, receive Mahlin's Mystical Bongos.
  • DONE
  • Give Mahlin's Mystical Bongos to Konia Swiftfoot, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom

Maestro's Symphony Page 25

  • Kill [36]Blackwing in Rathe Mountains, loot Onyx Drake Gut
  • Kill [51]Nezekezena or [47]Phurzikon in Burning Woods, loot Red Wurm Gut
  • Kill [51]Eldrig the Old in Skyfire Mountains, loot Chromodrac Gut
  • Give all the guts to Kelkim Menkia in South Karana, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 25

Mystical Lute Head

  • DONE  (OPTIONAL) Kill [45]Quag Maelstrom in Ocean of Tears, loot Alluring Horn.
  • (OPTIONAL) Give Alluring Horn to Vedico Windwhisper in Butcherblock Mountains, receive a Note to Forpar Fizfla.
  • (OPTIONAL) Give Note to Forpar Fizfla to Forpar Fizfla in Steamfont Mountains.
  • Say "What Components" to Forpar Fizfla, Receive Forpar's Note to Himself.
  • Kill [53]Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep, loot Kedge Backbone
  • DONE   Kill an [48]Amygdalan warrior in Plane of Fear, loot Amygdalan Tendril 
  • [*]Kill

Introductions » Sodapop » 4/14/2019 9:57 am

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50 bard Sodapop
47 warrior Milen.
Arizona time.
Here to do fun/exciting things. I would like to get epic and other phat lewt. I still need earrings and rings for resists if anyone has a connection.

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